Check out the Bonds in the news! News items are from from local outlets, and are not necessarily endorsements.

October 17, Asheville Citizen-Times: Our View: Bond approval right call; balance recommended on changing commission

October 15, 570 WWNC Radio: OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling Director and Money Matter’s host Celeste Collins talks with Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer and Asheville Chamber CEO Kit Cramer about Asheville’s bond vote.

October 14, Citizen-Times: Guest columnists: Help ensure Asheville’s a safe, affordable place to live

October 13, MountainXpress: Letter writer Justin Belleme: Bond proposals would speed up City improvements

October 7, Citizen Times: Guest Columnist: Support Asheville bonds for healthy neighborhoods.

October 4, WCQS: Asheville Bond Referendum: Turn your Ballots over, voters